The thrilling hip hop; Eerie reality. Review of Book One by Sam Hunter

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Book Name         :  
      Book One      
Author                :         Sam Hunter
Publisher             :         Smashwords
Genre                  :         
Urban Fiction
Number of Pages :          328
Publishing Year   :          2014

Rating : 4.0


A young black woman with a natural lyrical
gift. A street dealer taking control of Miami. A documentary film maker atoning
for his past. An assassin who’s ready to kill them all.

Nia is a successful rap artist, talented and
beautiful. She’s got it all, a record deal, her own club, and a man she wants
to spend the rest of her life with. She loves Leon more than anything. He’s
smart, and rising to the top, but the Miami streets are getting too risky for
Nia. She’s torn between her loyalty to him and her own future.

Before she can decide what to do, her past comes
calling. There are people who want to take everything away from her and will do
anything to bring her down. Soon there’s a warrant out for her arrest, now
she’s one of America’s most wanted, and an assassin has her in his sights.

After finding a strange note from her mother,
Nia is in a race against time to unravel the truth about her past. Her father
was always a mystery to her and, as much as she wanted answers, she didn’t
expect this.

My Review

Book one is the story of Nia Rodriguez. A girl who
grew to the heights of fame from the ghetto, as a partner of a drug supplier.
The life of Nia which started from the streets of Miami, took several turns and
finally ends up as a rapper. A shocking revelation changes her life forever.
Sam Hunter portrays the fast moving, thrilling journey through Book  One. Nia is the representative of several pop
stars and hip hop singers whose childhood was dark and horrid.


Nia’s life is rendered with utmost brilliance.
Every incident of her life from the rape attempt, hooking up with Leon, her
father’s violence, mother’s helplessness, her growth as a celebrity. Every
incident is depicted with supreme conviction. The rap lyrics which Nia sang
were all quite refreshing and upbeat. The relation between Nia and Leon is
perfectly timed. I could feel myself tapping my feet while reading them as I
could relate to the tune and beats. Nia’s Love for Tupac Shakur let us grab a
chance to brush up the memories of the songs and the singer. The story is
rendered with utmost conviction that I even googled to see if there was
actually a rapper called Nia Rodriguez, whom I missed to notice among the surge
of new talents. Rest I leave to readers since it would end up as a spoiler if I
say more. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Some chapters reminded me of Jackie Collins.
The character build up is plausible. Every
characters had identity, individuality and craft, with a convincing back up
story. Writing style is highly professional and rapid. There is call for action against the still persisting discrimination against the blacks.


As with the character build up, I felt menial
characters were given unnecessary build up. The reverie of the characters were
dragged at some points, which dropped the pace of the story. I did not quite
like the reason behind the break up. Of whom? That readers should find out.


The best literary
entertainment for the hip hop lovers.
the book from Amazon

About the Author

The author of the Makaveli’s Prince books. His first novel,
Book One, was described by Street Literature as a “true tribute to hip-hop” and
weaves a thrilling ride through some of hip-hop’s darkest secrets. The urban
fiction genre has no rival when it comes to action, gun-play and life on the
streets. Sam Hunter is a writer with depth, whose books you won’t be able to
put down. Packed with conspiracy, drama and centered on strong female
characters, you’re in for a ride. Sam Hunter welcomes you to reach out to him:


for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy
from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a
positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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