Awareness is the only total and real-life answer to all your anxieties, sufferings and problems in physical existence. Gian Kumar is with us with more spiritual wisdom

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Today I have a person who took us
through the journey to the inner most realms of spiritual enlightenment. Author
of the three- book series on spirituality, Gian Kumar

Hi Sir,

Welcome to the interview

Q     Did you miss life in India while in

left Burma during the age 8 years, came to India and went straight to a
boarding school in Mussoorie to do my schooling. Thereon I did B.Com (Hons)
from New Delhi and after passing out started my own business.
    Q     Do you feel that science failed in
explaining the reality of spirituality?

needs evidence for all that it declares, which changes as per time and latest
research. The truth declared scientifically as evidence too accordingly
changes. However, Spirituality does not provide any proof of its truth in what
it declares, remaining the same for that is the job of science whether to prove
or not. Science is the study of the external objects where everything is
dissected to prove its physical existence. Spirituality is the inner subjective
science where all is complete as One and in totality but remains separated in
physical existence into dichotomies for life to experience and realize God and
the Devil.
    Q     Is it possible to reach an interim
position between science and reality?

closest science has come to explaining reality is what you observe. Though many
scientists after taking inspiration from Upanishads (details given in my books)
formulated the Theory of Quantum Mechanics exactly on what was said thousands
of years before, ‘all that exists is only one and not two’. On the same lines
science today claims that in the ultimate reality all that exists is what we
call as energy, which can neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore, science
and spirituality complement and are not opposed to each other.

    Q     Do you feel that contentment is
necessary before starting the spiritual pursuit?
No! In worldly existence if you are contended then
you stagnate. In spite of attaining all that you desire there will always be
something amiss. Spirituality is the only subject whether you are young or old,
which provides completeness. Spirituality begins when your mind becomes curious
to know what life is all about? It provides you the inner secrets of knowing,
experiencing and realizing the mystical mysterious spirit enabling one to know
‘who, what and how you are’. Both worldly and spiritual can exist together as
long as there is an attitude of righteousness in materialistic and sensuous
    Q     Is it possible to reach the level
of awareness if we are facing personal problems?

is the only total and real-life answer to all your anxieties, sufferings and
problems in physical existence. You simply need to watch and observe your
personal problems with truthfulness and alertness without allowing any selfish
thoughts to interfere and you will see how the divine awareness shall grace and
embrace any situation.

    Q     I am still amazed by the chapter
‘Power of Zero’. How did it happen?
remains un-manifested as dark energy comprising 96% of the universe. Brahman,
shunya , nothing, everything or zero are all the same lying in this emptiness
of nothing. The cosmic energy unless and until it manifests with the mind
remains nothing or zero as universal energy but changes to awareness in the
mind to enable you to perceive existence. Truth, God and everything are just
concepts designed by the mind, there is just aliveness in the dance of the
particles and waves of cosmic energy to make you feel you are somebody. The
story begins with the light from the Sun falling upon our planet Earth
originating life into matter for that awareness to experience and realize
existence. So we come from nothing or zero and go back into nothing.
Therefore, there is both something
and nothing in the ultimate form as the absolute energy. On manifestation it is
something, un-manifested it is nothing. There is no now, there is simply this,
as it is in the spaceless, timeless, limitless expression of the infinite
spirit, signifying nothing as everything. There is no awakening, liberation
moksha or nirvana. All that is there is only this, as it is, telling us that
nothing is every thing as pure intelligence energy, alive in the form of
awareness in order to present you the cosmic dance, joke or drama of what we
call existence.
    Q     Is it possible to feel the oneness
during the loss of loved ones? Won’t we approach the duality in such situations?
is the cause for us to choose and discern what we desire in self-interest. This
gives us the cause for self-identification where we become attached to the ones
whom we desire as the loved ones in pure selfishness. When we are selfless our
love flows unconditionally for everyone as one and this oneness is the absolute
totality. Oneness is who and what we are, in duality we are for our separated
selves and for the exclusive loved ones. Therefore oneness is a vision, our
absolute reality, which we should try to come closer as far as possible
otherwise the degree of anxiety suffering in emotional drama will persist to

    Q     Do you think that western
literature about spirituality mislead people?
western spiritual literature today is becoming more authentic on the subject of
spirituality than the East. Even though spirituality originated in India, we
are fast losing its depth and gravity because of aligning this subject with
religion, dogmas, rituals and fables. The westerners even today keep learning
this subject from us and apply the same in its true perspective and clarity.
    Q     Apart from books, are you planning
to start any ventures to help people attain the oneness?

oneness is who and what we are, the rest is all illusions of the mind. There is
nothing to attain, but can only be experientially realized from our own acts
and deeds in godliness. Those who preach of attaining oneness are more into
spiritual business rather than in spirituality.
    Q     How do you write? Is there any
particular time or day?
Whenever the spirit
within awakens to share the message of oneness.
Oneness is more of an experience and no amount of
words can suffice its purity. Love, God, truth, reality and oneness are all experiences
being the absolute but it gets distorted with dualities in the mind, when these
are expressed into words.
How was your publishing journey? What are your
thoughts on writing a book series.

Yes! I am writing and
wish to publish more books in the near future to send the message on this
contemporary pattern, which I know and follow. My next books are also on a
trilogy of three.
This is not it. Gian Kumar fans have more enlightenment awaiting. An article from him would be a cherry on the cake. Wait for the magic….
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you so much for sparing your valuable time with us
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