Review of Warzone: Nemesis by Morris Graham

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Book Name            :       Warzone: Nemesis        
Author                    :        Morris.E.Graham   
Genre.                     :        Science fiction
Number of Pages  :        282
Publishing Year    :         2015
Binding                   :       Paperback

Rating : 3.5


The space race was a lie, and the cold war wasn’t as cold as you thought. While we were playing spy versus spy, conducting an arms race and a space race on Earth, things were heating up in the solar system.

In 1959, an alien vessel crashed on the Navajo reservation, ushering forth a colonial space race in the solar system between the two superpowers. The prize is the mysterious metal known only as alloy-x and the alien technology that promises to make one nation or the other the dominant superpower in the arms race. The American commander finds himself fighting with the toughest antagonist of his career. He had finally met his nemesis. The stakes are high. Losing the struggle could tip the balance of power on the Earth, giving the Soviets the advantage in Earth’s cold war. 


The book kicks off with a promising plot. An alien aircraft crashes near the Navajo Reservation. The US and Soviet conspiracy to get hold of the technology and alloy-x. The story has a potential to grab the attention of the readers. Further the war and life in moon and mars. A perfect plot and an interesting read for the core sci- fi lovers. A thorough effort is being invested in build up of the circumstances and the aura of the war atmosphere. The intricate account of strategies and conspiracies, keeps up the pace of reading.


After the first half, the focus shifts to a different realm. The core sci fi lovers would be disappointed with the change in direction. Later a shift to the boxing competition would make the readers befuddled about the genre of the book. The first half of the book targetted a niche audience and the second half is for the contemporary fiction lovers. This might be solely my own opinion. 

One Liner

An interesting book on the diverse levels of life on earth, mars and moon.

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About the Author

My name is Morris E. Graham and I’ve recently published my debut sci-fi novel. I live in central Arkansas, USA. I am married, and father of four, 60 years old. I work in technical support, but my love is creative writing. I literally can’t listen to the radio, watch TV, or observe people just living life without getting some springboard idea to write about. My first novel, “Warzone: Nemesis” is a military science fiction novel, but I view it as much, much more. You might think that a military sci-fi book would just be about techy gadgets and violence, but I took the time and care to write about characters, and I believe my characters are engaging. I have 75% of volume 2 of the three-part trilogy complete, and at some point in in 2016 I will return to finish it. The Sequel will be entitled “Warzone: Operation Wolf Hunt”, and the final installment of this trilogy will be entitled “Warzone: Unlikely Alliance”, hopefully released in 2017. I started this project in 2004. One thing I can say, I believe in detail and accuracy in confirmable facts. Whether it be to confirm that jalapeno poppers were actually being offered for sale in 1985, or to the smallest detail about military protocols. I hope you enjoy the book(s) as much as did writing them.
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Best regards, Morris E. Graham

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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