The Blue Ostrich

Blue Ostrich By Shivani Kochak – A Captivating Kids Book

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Children’s books have the power to captivate young readers and leave a lasting impression. It’s often the honesty and enthusiasm of young readers that provide the most valuable insights into the quality of a children’s story. When I receive a kids book for review I ask my kids to read it first because I believe they are better judges. Hence I shared this book with my third child who is 7 years old. While I drafted the review of Blue Ostrich by Shivani Kochak, I thought I shall pitch in his perspective along with mine.

Blue Ostrich by Shivani Kochak


The Blue Ostrich, stories of adventure and wonder, is a collection of simple yet profound short stories and poems, written to inspire children to imagine and dream big while holding on to joy, kindness, confidence, gratitude, consideration and a positive attitude. From tales starring a singing ostrich, a heroic giraffe, a lonely dragon and an honest king, young readers can expect to be delighted and transported into a world of adventure and learn lessons.

My review

My child found the stories engaging and touching and it’s a positive indicator of the book’s appeal to its target audience. Kids stories can be both entertaining and educational, fostering a love of reading and learning in children and blue Ostrich is doing exactly that to the kids. They entertain the kids while subtly instill good qualities and messages inside them.

The book has a great combination of elements that can be very beneficial for young readers. The stories are followed by poems which reflect the story before. Short stories followed by simple poems with morals can be a wonderful way to engage children in reading and learning important life lessons. Poetry introduces young readers to language, rhythm, and creativity while adding an element of fun and imagination to the reading experience. But most often than not exclusive poetry books are ignored and considered boring by the current generation. My son loves stories that are connected to nature and cute animals. Hence the book was all the more enticing for him.

This is how the book stands out by incorporating poems and stories thereby introducing kids to the world of poetry. Short stories are often easier for young readers to digest and complete in a sitting. Blue Ostrich maintained my child’s interest and attention, and made him to finish each story in one go.The morals in the book help children develop a sense of ethics and values. They teach important life lessons and encourage discussion between parents and children, promoting character development.

Overall, the book is designed to both entertain and educate young readers, making it a valuable addition to a child’s reading repertoire. My child was engrossed by the stories, and hence I believe the book achieved its intended purpose.

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