Twisted Tales and Turns by Smita Das Jain

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 It is easy to write a novel but to brings the plot forth within a short span of time and in limited words is a challenge. Smita Das Jain has mastered the craft and with her new short story collection, Twisted Tales and Turns has opened a new world of imagination for the readers. 

Twisted Tales and Turns by Smita Das Jain

What if reality was a carefully crafted illusion, and every truth you thought you knew was a mirage? Get ready to experience a roller coaster of emotions. Just when you think you have it figured out, the unexpected will leap at you from a page, leaving you stunned and breathless. A daughter waiting for her father to return from war… An artist struggling to create a masterpiece… A scientist having her own definition of a better world… A friend who loves without being loved back… A man who has eyes only for another woman on his wedding night… Twisted Tales and Turns is a captivating collection of short stories where nothing is as it seems. Are you prepared for the buried truths and shocking revelations that lurk beneath the surface?

My review 

Smita Das Jain is an author who knows how to make the readers emote and connect with the characters’ emotions. The stories that she has shared were either published in magazines like Story mirror or winning pieces of writing competitions. 
Every story has an emotion that predominantly connects the reader with. Another classic trait of the author is the twist in the end. As the title prescribes the Twisted Tales and Turns would leave us thinking and being haunted with the feelings left behind by the characters. 
Being a part of a short story, the characters weren’t dispensed the time to evolve but the author deftly maneuvered the character traits with her fitness of craft. 

Other wordly 

The dystopian story like guided missiles, misguided men, is a futuristic yet introspective account how the humanity and its existence could be at stake due to actions of men. We could see a responsible writer there when there is fantasy that could be reality in future. 
The after death experiences of the book are at a metaphysical level rather than a story of ghost or horror or anything explicitly depicted. 
Overall the book is the best from the author so far. Can’t wait to read more from her.
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