Book Spotlight – Twisted Tales and Turns: A Journey through the Unexpected by Smita Dad Jain

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Book Spotlight

Name: Twisted Tales and Turns
Author : Smita Dad Jain

Twisted Tales and Turns: A Journey through the Unexpected
What if reality was a carefully crafted illusion, and every truth you thought you knew was a mirage?
Get ready to experience a roller coaster of emotions. Just when you think you have it figured out, the unexpected will leap at you from a page, leaving you stunned and breathless.
A daughter waiting for her father to return from war…
An artist struggling to create a masterpiece…
A scientist having her own definition of a better world…
A friend who loves without being loved back…
A man who has eyes only for another woman on his wedding night…
Twisted Tales and Turns is a captivating collection of short stories where nothing is as it seems.
Are you prepared for the buried truths and shocking revelations that lurk beneath the surface?

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