Xenial Relationships and Twisted Reality? Classified by Rajasekharan Nair

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 The famous rather notorious spy case has gained more media attention of late when the court and the government has felicitated Sri. Nambi Narayan, the many whose life has been overthrown unfairly after the fabricated case. However, is the spy case only about Nambi Narayan as everyone proclaims it to be? Is there anything else to the picture? Classified by Rajashekharan Nair is a detailed account of the spy case, laying bare the nitty gritty and illegal arrangements that led to the case or which have been subdued under the guise of the case.

Classified by Rajasekharan Nair

Who is who of the ISRO spy story


Did you know that the CIA had sabotaged ISRO’s top secret operation to transfer cryogenic rocket technology from Russia to India?
Ever wondered what is the real reason why S. Nambi Narayanan does not want the whole truth behind the ISRO spy story to surface?
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was rocked by a spy case in 1994, taking down in its wake six officials who were a part of the organisation, including S. Nambi Narayanan. They were blamed with passing critical rocket technology to a neighbouring nation and booked for the same.
CLASSIFIED exposes the hidden truths behind the spy story and how it highlighted the fractures of our premier institutions. It shows us how the spy case stripped them bare, down to their bones.
Read this intriguing account of how state agencies are surreptitiously trying to bury the wreckage of a failed operation.


The author, a journalist had interviewed Mariam Rasheeda and hence the closest to the case. When the author claims that there is more to the story, it comes across as an exaggeration but once we delve deeper into the conspiracies that transpired, the readers see that the rot is stinkier than we think.

The author seems to be hell bent into negating the pain suffered by Nambi Narayan.  But further when the read more into the lines, it is clearer that there has been an overtly enthusiastic attempt to frame the scientist so as to sabotage India’s space mission. The book, since I am reading after watching Rocket Science, i could relate more because a seemingly illegal activity has been glorified as a patriotic heroism.

The conspiracies and corruption in police force, IB and CBI is alarmingly prominent. The author throws the question in front of the readers as to how and why the investigation officer, ISRO head and officials,the arrested officials including Nambi Narayan haven’t pursued the reason why the Spy Case cane into being.

The book is recommended for Eveyone who wants to know about the ISRO Spy Case as well as the politics in History. The author has bravely  and authentically stated that the CIA is behind the spy case and how.

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