Invincible, Patriotic and Enchanting – The Hero of Tiger Hill by Capt (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav

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 For the longest time, we have been connecting War to the First and Second World Wars. Further, we had India Pakistan war and Indo China war to refer to. But the current generation has the Kargil War in mind when we say War in India. Hence when I got the autobiography of Param Vir, Hero of Tiger Hill by  Capt (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav, I couldn’t wait to read it.

The Hero of Tiger Hill by Capt (Hony) Yogendra Singh Yadav

The Hero of Tiger Hill

The story is not just a Kargil war account. It is an overall self-help book that enables us to face the hardships of life. It is an eye opener to the current generation that falls fat in the face of troubles. 
The author is born to a farmer family, which faces a daunting crisis when his father falls ill and the responsibility of the family falls on the mother’s shoulders. The strong woman she is, Capt Hony’s mother carried the burden with pride and bravado of an iron lady.
The author shows an infectious optimism in finding the positive side of all hardships in life. He believes that the discipline that he received from his brother and the rest of the family prepared him for army training in the future. Later when he fought for the nation, there was nothing that could hold him back because he has been hardened by the circumstances at home. The attitude of the author toward his experiences is self-help learning in itself because it urges us to find goodness in everything. 

The Army training and war

For a layman like me, life inside an Army camp and on the war field, and the author being a Soldier has authentically stated his personal experience during the training. It is endearing to read about the experience and it is an eye-opener to all of us as to how we are not respecting the soldiers enough. They keep themselves and their family the least priority.
The author takes us to an unbelievable world where the terrorists live amidst civilians and how the army slowly seeped into their lives and identified the infiltrators. For us, Kargil is all about the bloody war but the battles started way before. The book is sure to bring about a feeling of patriotism in everyone who reads it. We would have witnessed these in various movies but to hear it from the person who was there at the forefront is a special feeling in itself.
The language is simply and rightfully so because the books portray the authors with all their sincerity. Had the book been stuffed with jargon, the simplicity of the author’s life would have been lost.
The book is recommended to every Indian who loves their motherland.  This is not just a story of a soldier. This is a dedication to all soldiers out there.
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