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He is an emotion for me. I create birthday reels for him, something which I haven’t even done for my family but this man is my nostalgia from childhood till date. He has given me memories to cherish for the rest of my life. No, not my husband, not my lover but an incredible author – Ruskin Bond. I have grown up reading him, I grew old reading him. After three decades of the journey of words together, the author still leaves me wanting for more. The Last Tiger by Ruskin Bond is a collection of his animal stories along with a new story The Call of the Leopard .

The nature animal 

While the author is writing about animals in nature, he himself is a nature animal. His love for the tiniest and immaterial creations.While he shares his encounters with various creatures, he leaves a brief history of their existence or extinction. The book is equally entertaining and educative. From the story of Tongas to the fictional snail Samuel, the author holds the readers by the hand and takes us through the nature.

From Rats to Tigers 

Myna, Rats, Owls, Panthers, the variety of animals in the book is vast. As always the author left me wondering how he could get so many experiences in life or is it like we all forget the tiniest of instances and Ruskin Bond finds a story in all. Panthers moon is probably the longest of all and has several layers to it. As always the simplicity of the plot and the palpable emotions and next door characters stay with us.

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