Yummy Life On Plate By Samata Dey

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Cooking is a passion. If you have it in you, you will go in search of new recipes no matter what. If you are someone who is craving for new recipes to try, then we have the right recommendation for you.

Yummy Life on Plate
Yummy Life on Plate

I have immense respect for @indiacafe24 for the efforts taken to showcase talent. First, it was a lockdown kaleidoscope. Now this latest book of hers
The book is a collection of recipes by professional and amateur cooks. over India.
The highlight of the book is that the recipes are all unique and innovative. This book is in my saved folder so that I can refer time and again for different recipes.
The finesse of editing is the highlight. It is not just a collection of recipes. They are put together with utmost professionalism. Kudos to the editing team.
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