Samudran by A R Vikram – Review

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 If you have been following me, you might already know that I am not a fan of fantasy but I am obsessed with thrillers, and characters grounded in reality. When it comes to a book that amalgamates fantasy with thrillers and fine characters, then I cannot say No. Thus Samudran by A R Vikram made it to my TBR 

Samudran by A R Vikram – Review

The plot

Maisyoor island has a history. Inhabited by the tribes Oksata and Yerthinga, the island has a dark history of the massacre. The blame falls on Yerthinga tribe which is comparatively hostile. But are they really the barbarians that they are tagged to be? There comes a bunch of researchers with Samudran who is a photographer. Are they safe in the island?What are the dark secrets that the island beholds?
The plot takes off at a slow pace when the readers are introduced to the ambiance of Maisyoor the island or forest for that matter and the two tribes living there. A little bit of history here and a little more fantasy there topped up with a pinch of suspense. I loved how the author maneuvered the plot through the lanes of Maisyoor while introducing the characters seamlessly and while the intros merged with the plot naturally.

The characters

The characters are realistic without any over-the-top character traits. When it comes to the protagonist, Samudran, he gelled with the rest of the characters without giving an impression of “here I have introduced the hero” but still, he stood out with the sheer finesse of the craft. Everyone in the research team has been justifiably created and developed. The introduction of Meila was filmy for that matter but it didn’t take away the reading experience. How they connected with each other and unknowingly came close. Amidst the cliche, boy meets girl and started making love kind of shallow love story.

The roller coaster

The pace of the plot takes momentum slowly and sucks the readers inside and takes them along, but once we are in a groove the plot stagnates. Then the readers are taken to the various customs of the tribes and then one twist after the other, which helps the plot soar and further a lag which weighs down heavily on the pace of the plot, again pushing it forward with a blooming romance. Thus the pace goes up and down. With a good mix of fantasy and suspense, the author has pulled off a good attempt. If you are a fantasy lover you will love this book. If you are a thriller lover you will love this book. If you are a romance lover you will love this. Overall the book has a wide target reader group.
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