Reflection of Millennial Love – A Price To Love by Smita Das Jain

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Love is an emotion. To love and being loved has been celebrated from time immemorial. Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet, Jodha Akbar – the couples that have been celebrated across the world have always shared a common feeling irrespective of the era or demography. This is the unrelenting love and never-ending passion to fight against the world. But in the millennial era, the definition of love has seen a different twist in the tale. Does the new-age youth have to pay the Price for Love?

Knitted around the corporate set up the book A Price For Love by Smitha Das Jain is a reflection of the new age romance.
A price to love

Failing marriages

Discussions are rife about how relationships and marriages have crumbled and failed to sustain. Sonia, the protagonist is a practical woman with a no-nonsense attitude. She is smart, capable, workaholic and yet enjoys her life. The storyline
 while shifting from past to present establishes the fact that Sonia is someone who believes in relationships only if they are happy and content. While she is in love with and married to Sameep she is attracted to her colleagues but the attraction wanes after the initial furor.

Raising a few eyebrows 

While Sonia’s character may raise a few eyebrows, it is undeniable that too many Sonias live around. Hence the character is relatable. Her life reminded me of a quote by a contemporary actress “morality is a choice”. This created a hurricane of cyberbullying for the actress and so does the book. It boldly talks about the need for a change, a break, and an outlet in an era when work, fun, and relations hardly find a balance.

The paramours

Sonia’s relationships are what pull the plot forward but the characters of her paramount seemed weak. Sameep character is gradually developing and is a well-rounded one but Mukul and Rishab appear to be ready to be exploited. Also, a lack of another strong female character is it a friend or colleague was evident. 

Sonia and her mother

Sonia’s letters to her mother are a reflection of why Sonia has become what she is loved. The child craving for love, the daughter looking for validation, the helpless baby. Sonia’s vulnerable side is evident in the letters.
Overall the book is an engaging read amidst the numerous so-called bestselling romance books where love and lust have been romantically intertwined. 
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