Warwick And Faulkner Rule The Plot – Hidden In Plain Sight By Jeffrey Archer – Book Review

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 The legacy that Harry Clifton left behind, the character in the shadows of Clifton chronicles – William Warwick. Readers were eagerly waiting for the detective to come to life and then came”Nothing Ventured”. Jeffrey Archer once again proved that any character, any plot is safe at his fingertips. With a cliffhanging climax, readers kept waiting for the sequel. Hidden in Plain Sight is the sequel of crime fiction which is evolved from the character created by the character in his Historical fiction series Clifton chronicles. 

Hidden In Plain Sight By Jeffrey Archer

Warwick and Faulkner again:

The protagonist-antagonist duo is the USP of Nothing Ventured and  Hidden in Plain Sight. Miles Faulkener’s wretched character passively creates interest in the readers. Hence the plot drives the readers with utmost force with the intrigue created by mentioning Faulkner at places. William Warwick is promoted and is in charge of the drug cell. Pursuing the leads about a drug lord named Viper, he crosses path with Faulkner again. As much as it excites the readers who have read the prequel, it is equally entertaining for the readers who approach the book as a stand-alone. The character of Faulkener is enticingly wretched. 

Warwick and his personal life:

The relationships of Warwick with Beth, Christina and his colleagues see a different shade in the sequel. To see a different shade of Warwick’s character is a fresh change from nothing ventured. Nonetheless, Hidden in Plain sight sees a drop in the pace compared to the sequel. The lack of consistency in the plot, in turn, affects how the characters develop. 
The sequence where Warwick meets Faulkener and the subsequent scenarios pique the excitement of the readers manifold. But further, the pace drops to a point that the readers would be forced to skip a few pages.

Venturing into other characters:

Hidden in Plain sight sees the development of the perspective to the lives of the characters who were in the background in its prequel. This gives a feeling of developing a subplot for another sequel and the nailbiting climax confirms the same. The book ends at a note where the readers would be left impatient for the next book. 
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