Chimera Retribution by Abhinav Singh – Book Review

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Chimera Retribution by Abhinav Singh - Book Review

Dystopian novels have been proven right these days. Whatsoever the conspiracy behind it, we should. give it to the author for writing a piece that came true word by word. Chimera Retribution is surely one such craft.

A team that indulges in Archeological research discovered a sarcophagus of a humanoid. The reality behind the creature will disengage the basis of human evolution that we have been learning so far. The precise moment of this discovery witnesses the attack of the team of which only Vishakha is spared. Vishaka, the special woman, is chased but something magical about her, keeps protecting the girl. Further the reader sees a thrilling, suspenseful plot that surely gives an adrenaline rush to readers.
The author has weaved an incredible piece of literature around scientific facts. For instance, Entropy-simply put- the tendency of matter to remain in disorder, debunks the evolution theory because as per entropy, human beings cannot get into a state of order post the big bang without an external force.
Such brilliant and riveting facts are substantiated without boring the reader as the pace of the plot is maintained throughout.
Nonetheless, there is a drop in the place towards the second half of the book but fortunately, it gains back the momentum after a couple of pages. The length of the book could have been reduced to avoid this.
The author’s bravado in calling out some of the religious illusions is debatable. The acceptance of the same depends on the perspective of the readers. The book cover could have been better. Though the image of the serpent-like goes with the theme of the book, the background deserves more detail.
Overall it is recommended to all mystery, thriller, and Sci-fi lovers.

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