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Dalal's Street by Anurag Tripathi


The title Dalal’s Street and the Book Cover would give the impression that it is a hardcore murder mystery or conceivably a serial killer plot for a layman. However, the picture should invariably be that of “Wolf of Wall Street” the Leonardo Decaprio Blockbuster.

Dalal’s street is where the stockbroking happens. Several lives are made and several were demolished there. This corporate mayhem reaches a bunch of freshers with expectations touching the sky. Nor did they foresee that they were invited to a corporate laboratory where they were researched for street smartness. It was a hire-and-fire situation, where the first month would be a honeymoon period when they were learning and later given unattainable targets and nagged to reach them. The real game happens elsewhere, when the tycoons of the stock exchange come up with devious plans to conquer the market.
With experience in a recruitment firm, I could authentically claim that the author has depicted that subplot with utmost genuineness. I have personally seen a similar scenario while recruiting for insurance firms and that was the reason why I left the job in a year. Hence the book is quite relatable on that front.

Dalal’s Street explores the complex interplay of human relationships and etches out the rise of the protagonist through a test by fire.

Nonetheless, I am an ignoramus when it comes to the stock exchange and its terminologies. The book has a niche market. I was unable to fathom what the characters were talking about when it came to hardcore stock matters.
The characters are formulated with finesse. The demeanor of Salil Bhai when he drifts between meetings by blaming the previous individual indicates how detailed the author has done homework on the characters.
Overall the book is a well-crafted, intricate, and technically sound account of the inner games of stock marketing and how it can make and break empires.

About the Author

Anurag Tripathi is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business with a course in Advanced Creative Writing from The University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education. A keen observer of people and a master raconteur, he draws on his vast reservoir of life experiences. As an erstwhile investment banker, he previously led the retail equity business for a financial company in India. This novel, his second, is a fictionalised no-holds-barred account of what goes on behind the scenes in the financial advisory business in India. However, that still hasn’t deterred him from continuing to invest in the Indian stock markets for the last twenty years. His debut novel on the art market in India was nominated for the Raymond Crossword Book Awards in 2017. Dalal’s Street is his second novel. A member of the Singapore Writer’s Group, Anurag now lives in the ‘Lion City’, along with his wife. Both are keen scuba divers, who like travelling and exploring the worlds lesser known.

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