Fifty Two Red Pills by Eika and Siddharth Banerjee #Book13

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A couple that dedicates every week of their life to different topics continuously for 52 weeks to make themselves healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

The scenario might seem a far-fetched one but the pattern with which the authors have adopted the lifestyle is inspiring, more so in a society that always complains about lack of time. The fact that the authors are corporate leaders and don’t have any time of their own, adds to the authenticity. The seemingly inconsequential steps that the authors have adopted make exceptional changes in their lives and relations. Some of the steps they took to make the readers think about how they have taken their lives for granted.

Eika and Siddharth’s 52RedPills is an inspiration to readers who have overscheduled and frenzied lifestyles

What excited me as a wife and a mother is the decision to keep the gadgets away an hour before going to bed. If you have been following my blog SCRUTINY, you might have read about the relevance of this step in the post Physical, Emotional, and Digital Detox. I have tried the same and have experienced the level of a difference it makes in my life. Another point they have tried out is keeping the phones away while having the food. Our lifestyle has changed to a point that mutual communication has become a thing of the past. Little efforts like these will surely change the domestic scenario drastically.
It’s unbelievable how, even after their hectic corporate jobs, the couple could make this possible. It is an eye-opener for everyone who says, “I don’t have time.” Some of the topics are fillers but don’t take off the interest of the readers.
The chapters are small. For a fast read, the book is perfect but if you are looking for an in-depth read the book wouldn’t be a good idea because the authors have reserved it to what they did. It’s for the readers to try them out and see the difference. After every chapter, there is a think-and-do page for the readers. There would be questions to mull over.
Since they managed this feat amidst the hectic schedule, I am expecting a more challenging one during the quarantine. Waiting for the next book.
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