Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari-Review #BOOK7

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Being the underdog, subjected to racial discrimination, less competitive of the two siblings, later outgrows every shortcomings and attends the bankruptcy auction of the world’s third largest comic company and further embellishes the CEO position of the top companies which are heading for a loss and bringing them up- The one liner calls for a thrilling Hollywodd movie. But it is neither, Hollywood, nor a movie. It is the life story of an man in flesh and blood.

Brimming with practical advice and philosophical insights, it will force readers to reflect on how they perceive life, work, family and spirituality by giving them a fresh perspective.

Jason Kothari, through his book Irrationally Passionate proves that he is the best in everything, even literature. To read his childhood and seeing how he grew as a person step by step, is a surreal experience. The book is relatable at different levels. He hasn’t minced any words in putting forth his life’s story and how he grew from a rebel to an entrepreneur gives the light of hope to many youth out there. Jason’s childhood as an ordinary child, while his brother excelled in everything, shows me the picture at my home when my daughter came and asked me why she couldn’t excel in everything but her brother does. The book gives me a new direction as a mother as to how I could push her limits to recognize that one thing which sparks the fire in her.

Jason gave a mantra for the readers to live by “FROM GIGGLES TO CHEERS”

Being a rebel during the teenage years is everyone’s tale but in Jason’s case it was far too rebellious and dangerous too. How he overcame all those with sheer determination, will give inspiration to so many kids out there who have strayed away and wants to come back. His experience in the Muay thai training tells the readers how to practically and functionally convert every situations.We have all heard of a boy who took his family’s money for investing into business and goofed up big time. The interim period for Jason, between the money was invested and outcome came was the same tale when everyone including parents disheartened him. For a normal person, it was enough to give up and start afresh but Jason didn’t give up.

Jason’s advice about the importance of money and passion is surely going to come out as a famous quote. Through the book he declares that here is a legend in the making. He has made sure not to be bragging about his achievements and he didn’t even try to downplay his mistakes. The book is utmost honest and inspiring account about this man.

About the Author
Jason Kothari is a passionate entrepreneur and business turnaround leader. While still in college, he acquired the bankrupt US-based Valiant Entertainment and led its transformation as the CEO to the third-largest superhero entertainment company after Marvel and DC and a sale for $100 million, a record industry return. Subsequently, Jason was the CEO of, where he led the transformation of the distressed company and a merger with News Corp’s PropTiger to create the $350 million industry leader. Following this, he was the Chief Strategy & Investment Officer of Snapdeal, where he played a lead role in transforming the distressed company from a monthly loss of over $20 million to a profit, the first for an Indian e-commerce company. Jason was also the CEO of FreeCharge, where he led the sale of the company to Axis Bank for $60 million. In addition, he has been a senior advisor to Softbank;, a Middle Eastern e-commerce company that has raised $1 billion; and is a Board Director of Emaar India, which has over $2 billion in real estate assets. He is also an Executive Producer of Bloodshot (Sony Pictures) starring Vin Diesel. Jason holds a B.S. from The Wharton School and lives in Mumbai.

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