Upon the burning throne part-2 by Ashok K.Banker

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Upon the burning throne part-2 by Ashok K.Banker

Upon the burning throne part-2 by Ashok K.Banker


After the first part of the book Upon the Burning Throne, it was more or less obvious that it will take more than two books to finish the saga. Adri and Savate are childless. The book is concentrating primarily on the journey of Karna, Mayla, and Savate as well as the triangle relationship of Adri with Geldry and the housemaid. The book delves deeply into the connections at the emotional level, which is often looked over in Mahabharata. The depth of the turbulence in the families before the birth of the sons has been an un-reaped area so far and hence the author has an important role to play.

The powerful demon lord Jarsun has declared war on the vast burnt empire.

The Prequel and the sequel

The names of the characters are chosen thoughtfully. The second book in comparison with the first excels as a literary piece. The author has proved that it is indeed possible to write a high-quality book without using incomprehensible vocabulary and twisted plots. The author has given a new definition to the characters Adri, Guidry, and Karni. The character of Jason, though a major lead in the plot, lacked ambiguity.

The three ambitious and courageous queens, Karni, may LA and geldry, devise tortuous ways of holding on to power as the men they are married to, the princes a Dr I and shvate, struggle to keep the burning throne which they inherited from their illustrious forefathers. But how and at what cost?

The author has a major advantage and disadvantage in taking Mahabharat as the reference for the book. The advantage is to have an exemplary base plot that has everything that is needed for a bestselling book. The disadvantage would be that the complexity of the plot makes it exhausting for the readers but the author has carefully delved into the plot and extracted that which is interesting for the readers.

About the author

Ashok K. Banker is the author of more than sixty books, including the internationally acclaimed Ramayana series. His works have all been best‑sellers in India and have sold around the world. He lives in Los Angeles and Mumbai.

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