Democracy in Peril by Alan Friedman – Review

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Democracy in Peril by Alan Friedman - Review


America is always considered in third-world countries as a country of the rich, flamboyant aristocrats who travel in expensive cars, wears branded dress, and live in utmost luxury. It is nearly impossible to even imagine an America with poor residents. To know that people are living below the poverty line would be a shock for many.

American politics  

All through the election campaign of Donald Trump, he had been portrayed as a mismatch to the post and the majority expected him to lose pathetically. But to the surprise and shock of the masses, he won hands down. Trump – the sexist, misogynist, and racist. The man who proclaimed that he would build a wall to prevent immigrants from coming to America, the one who believes in giving gun licenses to everyone, the man who was born with a silver spoon, who cannot understand the troubles of the working class, the man who turns a blind eye to the racial discrimination towards the African Americans. When he became the American president, everyone expected Anarchy and so did the author.

United States is riven by anger and fear, while its President continues to be an impulsive and aggressive man


 Alen Friedman, who interviewed Trump during his campaign has strong negative views about the ruler, and rightfully so. The author’s assumption proved to be true in the coming months. The book is not a mere Anti-Trump book. It is also a pointer to an America we don’t know. The author has systematically categorized each stumbling block of the country. With authentic historical backup, as well as witnesses author has illustrated the issues like mass murders using the gun, especially those by racial fanatics, exorbitant medical expenses, and even employment issues post-mechanisation.

He has laid bare the facts that no PR agencies could cover up. Trump’s Twitter show is mercilessly made threadbare. The bravado shown by the author is commendable. This is not the first time the author has shown this level of courage and hence it is not a surprise.

Ruthless leader

The most shocking revelation is how Trump has unethically revoked Obamacare and thus helped the pharmaceutical mafia and also how he favored the gun mafia. He did these without an iota of ethics is to be viewed as a serious issue as it would not merely affect Americans but also people around the world.

In Trump’s America, democracy is under siege, institutions are threatened and demeaned every day by the White House and in tweets from a seemingly unhinged and unstable President of the United States

The comparison with Narendra Modi could also have been avoided as Modi knew what he did but Trump is still clueless about what he has been doing.

The style of narrative is the highlight of the book. It makes sure that the readers would be hooked to the book with more interest than any thriller book.

Overall the book is a history lesson on America that we never knew or were not allowed to know.

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