Cover reveal- Daastan-e-Dastarkhān by Chef Vikas Khanna

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Daastan-e-Dastarkhān: Stories and Recipes from Muslim Kitchens
Sadaf Hussain
With a Foreword by Chef Vikas Khanna


• Explores 30 dishes from Muslim kitchens from across India through a young chef’s discovery of new techniques for cooking traditional dishes and lesser-known recipes.
• Focusing equally on vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, this book brings recipes like mug musallam, ghost taar korma, abroad aur seb ki kadhi, mirchi ka salan, ruvangan chairman, and Bhopali mutton rezala into the spotlight.
• Adapted for today’s kitchens, the recipes for these traditionally slow-cooked dishes are presented in an easy-to-follow form.
• The author was one of the top contenders of Masterchef India Season 5 and is a consultant chef with various restaurants and cafes in Delhi, including Café Lota and The Buffeteria in New Delhi.
• The author runs the popular food blog ‘Food and Streets’ which has over 25,000 followers.


‘I am always transported to the golden years when our humble dastarkhān brought us all together…’
A delectable treasure trove of stories and recipes, Daastan-e-Dastarkhān unravels the history and traditional cooking techniques of 30 intimate dishes from the culinary history of Muslim communities across India. In this evocative journal, MasterChef India contestant and consultant chef Sadaf Hussain invites you to gorge on Bihari kebabs during Eid, discover the influences of the spice trade in vegetarian dishes from coastal Mappila cuisine, and learn about a lost recipe born out of competitions between chefs during the Nizami era.
With easy-to-follow recipes adapted for today’s kitchens, this book encourages you to recreate mouth-watering delicacies and weaves the story of a community that is as varied as the food they create.


Sadaf Hussain was one of the top contenders of MasterChef India Season 5 in 2016 and is a consultant chef in Delhi. An avid storyteller, he is passionate about exploring the background and origins of the dishes he encounters. Sadaf is a TEDx speaker, hosts food shows on YouTube, and runs the popular food website

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