Snakes in the Meadows by Ayaz Kohli- Review

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Snakes in the Meadows by Ayaz Kohli- Review

Classics have the power to change our reading habits. They have the power to be realistic yet entertaining. But most books of late don’t have that charm. Nonetheless, there are a few pieces of literature that stood out and Snakes in the Meadows is one among them.

The flawless blurb itself tells us the finesse of the writer. Snakes in the meadows is a saga of the onset of militancy, the suffering and the resilience of Pir Panjal- the ‘and’ of Jammu Kashmir.

It is the tale of terrorism, of love, of expectations. Aslam and Ishwar, are in love but societal pressure and situations forced them to separate. Further, the surge of insurgency and terrorism unites them. The plot is not as simple as it seems.

 She had only one regret-that someone knew about her secret dream.

The narration

The style of narration is exemplary. The relationship between Aslam and Ishwar has been depicted subtly yet the depth of their love is not lost on the readers. The author has closely pulled out the life of Mujahideens and presented a classic piece for the readers.

The gravity of the recruitment of young boys to be Mujahideen is depicted such that the readers could relate to how they have been misled and cheated. The fact that not all Mujahideen are cruel perpetrators of terrorism is a shocking revelation for readers who live in another part of the world. 
It is more of a geopolitical mirror than a love story. The highlight is the subtlety of portraying the relationship between Aslam and Ishwar.
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