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Love stories are not reserved for romance. There could be stories on relationships between siblings, parents, kids, cousins, uncles and aunts, etc. Anuj Tiwari, through Give Your Heart a Break, the best book in his career, tells the love between a brother and a sister.


The author through his forte of real stories has come up to entice the readers. As always he is there in the tale as Arjun Tiwari. 

The blurb does full justice to the book“Inspired by a true story, this is an incredible tale of abuse and vulnerability, of exhilaration of romance, Of an unshakable sibling bond that is at once unique and universal.”

The author’s craft 

Arjun Tiwari, a seasoned author is suggested by his aunt to write the story of his cousin Aditya in his next book. Add a headstrong and smart girl who is stuck in an abusive relationship. Though she remained submissive for years, the timely interference of he brother Agastya, helps her escape the shackles of a toxic relationship. How he fights for justice with the help of his brother is the crux of the tale. 

As quoted by the renowned scientist Albert Einstein,  ‘When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a secondWhen you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hourThat’srelativity. 

The shades of a character 

Addy’s character has several shades. She is submissive, headstrong assertive, passionate, smart, capable, understanding, and vulnerable- All at the same time. But none of the shades tell anything negative about her, which could have been added for more authenticity. The same goes for Arjun’s character. Though she is not very prominent, the presence of the character out of nowhere in some of the circumstances stuck out. Agastya’s character is more or less realistic except when he confronts his ex-brother-in-law. 

Damage to ones reputation is often and unexpected cause of legal action. People gossips endlessly until  woman succeeds in getting her rights.

The fact that he forgets everything else when it comes to Aadya is established slowly and how it slowly turns out to be obsessive is also portrayed non-judgmentally. The plot is interesting and shifts the gear every now and then. It starts off with Arjun’s journey as a writer as well as his fight with depression in his own words. Further the introduction of Addya, shifts to Addya and Agastya, and the third one is the relationship between Agastya and Tarjani.

From the cliched puppy romance to stories of substance, the author’s growth graph is drastically steep. The book I definitely his best work to date.

Thanks, Rupa Publications for the review copy.

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