Leader of Millions by B.P.Senapati- Review

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Book Name          – Leader of Millions
 Author                 – B.P.Senapati
 Publisher              – Black-eyed Publications
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Inspiring the youth is not easy. To have a thought process that is different from the ordinary is also not easy but this is not impossible either.

Leader of Millions is the story of Vijay, who is an ordinary student with extraordinary ambition. Through the first-person narration of Rakesh, the book tells us the story of Vijay and Priya. How Rakesh, Aditi, Priya, and Vijay came close to each other along with another group of friends is the first part of the book. How the relationship develops and how Vijay and Priya influence each other is heartwarming to see. Further Vijay keeps his focus intact and becomes a politician who works for the laymen. How Vijay attains his aim is the rest of the book. Leaving a window open for a sequel, the author has kept the readers on the verge of a cliffhanger without any action or violence.

The author has proved through the book that in order to give an adrenaline pump and induce suspense, violent actions are not necessary. Following the path of non-violence, how Vijay attains his aim gives promises to the youth. The educational reforms mentioned in the book could have been applied in reality. The author has a lot of visions about the future of India and the same is evident in the book. 

The cover image as well as the hook line of the book is slightly misleading though. The author has tested the psyche of the readers because technically his hook line is representative of the whole book but not in the context that the readers will assume.



Scenario:   5/5

Narration:  4/5
Character:   4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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