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Book Name          – Best Seller
 Author                 – Ahmed Faiyaz
 Publisher              – Rupa Publication
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To have a bestseller is no cakewalk. It takes a lot of hard work, extensive promotions, good reviews, and moreover a well-edited book with good narration and above a good story. 

“Bestseller” is the story of Akshay Mathur who comes to India from London to take up the responsibility of the sinking ship Kalim Publishers. On his first day of work, his boss Iqbal Kalim passes away. The inauspicious editor takes up the responsibility of the firm later along with Iqbal Kalim’s daughter Zorah, with whom he ends up being in a relationship. All is not easy for Akshay as the prospective manuscripts that he has don’t hold the potential to be a bestseller and he has only 365 days to give 5 bestsellers. Things spiral out of control when his colleague Tarun with no practical experience in the publishing industry goofs ups things big time.
 Further how Akshay works things out to bring Kalim Publishers to the forefront is the crux of the book. 

The book is extremely realistic and brutally honest. The author lays bare the practice of ghostwriting and other practices in the marketing of books that are not promising but create hype with the PR. The book also shows the readers how an underdog could be a well-sought-after writer even without spending a fortune if the book has substance. Most of the characters are similar to real-life ones. This may or may not be a coincidence. A banker who is broke and writes inspirational books, the Khan superstar who writes his autobiography, and the female author who is more interested in fashion parading than writing are all indicative of real-life ones. 

The author has chosen a subject that is untapped for ages and hence provided freshness to the topic handed over to him. Akshay and Zorah’s story is a cliché when Anya enters the picture. Characters are crafted well with a solid base such that the plot is character driven. 
The quirky soliloquy of the protagonist is hilarious. The author had the audacity of making the readers laugh out loud in a heartbreaking scene.


 The book is recommended to every author, reviewer, reader, and publisher. And moreover to anyone who is in the field of marketing

Scenario:   5/5

Narration:   4.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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