The Mind Game by Devika Das – Review

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Name          – The Mind Game
 Author                 – Devika Das
 Publisher              – Blue Rose Publishers
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It’s all in the mind. Every emotion that you feel is controlled by your own mind. It is upto you as to how you should channelize your thoughts.

The mind Games is a pointer to identify what troubles your mind and to deal with them. Authoress has identified all possible reasons for a troubled mind and have found a solution for the same. Her take on the anger is interesting and different from what we have heard and read so far. It is more on the practical side and hence the readers will find themselves feeling that it is so easy to master the anger. 
Another interesting topic is about the emotional empaths and emotional vampires. The topic is quite relevant in the current scenario but it was not discussed in much detail. A detailed analysis on the same was imperative

Another important topic dealt with is dealings in your office. This topic apparently stuck out like a sore thumb. A book that is is primarily dealing with generalised topics suddenly narrows down to a small niche. Nonetheless, whatever discussed on the context were helpful over the different arenas.

On a personal note, the book reached me at the right time and it has helped me overcome a severe mental trauma.


Scenario:   4.5/5
Narration    : 5/5
Relevance   : 5/5
Research     :5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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