DareDreamers by Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma- Review

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Name          – Daredreamers
 Author                 – Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma
 Publisher              – Rupa Publications
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A group of talented forthcoming young people set out to save the world with unique high end technology. The premise with humongous possibilities could be developed into a bestselling novel as well as blockbuster movie. Dare Dreamers is one such book for which possibilities are boundless.

Rasiq a fresh IIM graduate joins his first job as an investment banker. With zero rest and  abundant money, Rasiq’s life becomes aimless. Feeling the heat of boredom and monotony, Rasiq decides to quit his job to start something of his own. Nevertheless he is unable to decide on what he should start off with. After distressing pressure from family and society to do something, Rasiq finally lands up on a novel idea of a start up. With the help of five unique and extraordinarily talented individuals, Rasiq starts his start up named DareDreamers- These superheroes Nick: a crazy inventor; Halka: an inhumanly strong man; Arjun: a champion shooter; Natasha: a Bollywood stunt-double; Dr. Vyom, a medical Sherlock Holmes; and, of course, Rasiq: the mastermind combine their unique talents to deliver spectacular rescue operations.  

The title Daredreamers and the cover image is reflective of the whole idea of the book. A new generation start up to help people who meets with an accident at a lightning pace is no more a fantasy. The idea of a group of youths coming up with unique idea is no longer a rarity. PayTM, Uber,Byju’s App,Other online stores, etc have given us numerous examples of ideas that could be shrugged off as a fantasy. Hence the overall idea of DareDreamers could not be written off as a fantasy. It is indeed a futuristic fiction of a Father-Son duo. Since the book was written by a Father-Son duo, the relationship between a father and son is depicted subtly without losing the depth. The consistent pace is the highlight of the book. It takes off as a YA romance, which could have been cut short but the build up was justified considering how the tale develops. Once the start up takes off, the growth is quite slow, which in itself makes the book a realistic one.

The five super human figures could not be counted as Superhumans as such since we have come across similar individuals in our lives. In a era before the multi speciality hospitals came into being, we have had doctors who used to diagnose the diseases by simply examining the patients, which justifies Doctor Vyoms characters. Similarly most of the characters have a real life example. 

The scenario with Rasiq and Ruchika could have been depicted better. The ambiguity behind the relationship and that around Ruchika’s character pulls down the conviction with which the scenario was built up. The same obstructs the possibility of making the book a perfect thriller. 

I can vouch for the fact that a start up similar to DareDreamers will come up in the near future.


A futuristic thriller.

Scenario:   5/5
Narration    :   5/5
Character   :   5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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