The Blue Moon Day by Santosh Sivaraj- Review

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Name          – The Blue Moon Day
 Author                 – Santhosh  Sivaraj
 Publisher              – Invincible Publishers
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Self help  books have always been looked upon as impractical lectures about life. We read them but forget how to apply them in our life because we read for the sake of it but seldom put ourselves in a scenario or relate to the scenario that we are in. The Blue Moon Day is tagged as a self help book in  Amazon. Apparently it is not a mere self help book. It is an anthology. Stories of completely different background and protagonists.

The first story is that of an engineer who is not able find the right job. Eventually he lands up with his future boss who comes to live with him, Through several experiments, the boss teaches him the most important lessons of his life. The idea of Zero thinking is the highlight of the story. How the engineer becomes pizza engineer is the crux. The twist in the climax makes it interesting. The second story is of a man who falls in love and marries a girl who is unable to cope up with the different background in his home. Eventually he loses his mother, wife, sister and job. But the novel attempt by his friend to bring him back to life is the further development. The third story is about a professional who has been workaholic. Amidst the busy schedule, he decides to go on a trip with his family. Even during the trip, he is immersed in work. Later he is abducted and lives away from his family when he learns the most important lesson in his life. Two more stories in the book gives the finishing touch. Let the readers find what these two stories are about.
The diversity of the stories makes sure that people from various walks of like could relate with them.

The style of narration is exemplary. Author has shown versatility in the narration to match the mood of the stories. Within the limited space, the characters are also crafted well. With the capability of becoming a best seller, the book scores cent percent.


Scenario:   5/5
Narration    :  5/5
Character   :  5/5
Entertainment Quotient:5/5

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