No Strings Attached by Sheila Kumar- Review

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Name          – No Strings Attached
 Author                 – Sheila Kumar
 Publisher              – Harlequin (Harpercollins)
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Love is complicated and hence provide different shades to a single relationship. It could be love, lust, or adjustment with no strings attached. Sheila Kumar has brought to the readers a sizzling complicated love story.
Neena Sabarwwal is taken unawares when Samar Pratap Singh, popularly known as Hearbreaker Singh, shows interest in her. Despite the restraint that she imposed on herself, Neena could not help herself from falling in love with the gorgeous man. Things become tough when Karishma Jhalla, Samar’s rumoured fiancee leaves no stone unturned in proclaiming that Samar Pratap is all hers. The fact that Samar’s mother and aunt don’t approve of their relation makes it quite difficult for her. Tired of the emotional turbulence, Neena decides to call it quits. Will she be able to be away from Samar? Will Samar let her go away from his life?
The book has all the spices for a sizzling romance. A dashing boyfriend who is not short of a celebrity, a gorgeous girlfriend from an unrelated background, a dominating childhood friend who is termed the fiancee, a self edified mother in law, a condescending aunt and a corporate firm. There are a lot of possibilities for a writer to showcase their talent. 
The book will definitely entice the Mills and Boons lovers but the plot is full of cliches. The points which give possibilities in turn comes out as cliches as well. The whole storyline is predictable since it follows the same pattern of a puppy romance.

Sizzling Love Story full of cliches

Scenario:   3 /5
Narration    :4   /5
Character   :   3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

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