“Learn to take rejection in their stride” Tanushree Podder gets candid with Outset.

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It has been a while since I have come up with a proper interview. But the wait was worth it. We have today the celebrated author Tanushree Podder with us.

Hi Tanushree. Thanks for joining us.
Without further ado, we will start with an account of your

I was born in New Delhi into a family of creative people. My mother, who was an avid reader and a Hindustani classical singer, had a strong influence in my life.My grandmother was a freedom fighter and my aunt kathak dancer and a tabla player. They were all liberated women, who transcended the shackles of their era. My parents encouraged all forms
of art and freedom. It was my mother, a post graduate in literature, who inspired me to write. At that time, I had no idea that I would take up writing one day.

 How did you end up writing a thriller? How is the experience
different from that of other genres?
I hate being tied to a specific genre of writing, or being slotted. That, perhaps, is the reason I have written books in different genres. For a long  time, I have wanted to write a murder mystery because, for me, the idea of curling up with a good mystery is immensely satisfying. Just imagine, a cup of hot tea or coffee, a cosy nook, and a book that grips your attention; it is the ultimate luxury. Besides, I love challenges and writing A Closetful of Skeletons was a challenge. I was stepping out of my
comfort zone and that is always challenging. Also, the book required substantial research, clever plotting and a deft handling of the subject. In that extent, it was a different experience from my previous books.

You had given a subtle account on the clandestine affairs of
Bollywood. Was it purely fictional or do you know someone
It is purely fictional, but one hears of clandestine affairs.
Bollywood is full of them. 🙂

 Are you writing another book?

I have signed up two more books in the same genre with
Harper Collins. Currently, however, I am in the process of
finishing a book in a different genre.

You seem to do a lot. How do you manage your time?

Time management is something one learns with experience.
Over a period of time, I have learnt to cut off time-wasters from my scheduel. We often find ourselves trapped in avoidable activities. I call them time wasters. It is these activities that require to be curtailed.
As an army wife, who had to juggle different roles, I learnt to
slot my activities and allot time frames to them. An important
thing is to keep social media at bay, while working on a book.
Also, one has to learn to say ‘No’. It’s very difficult, of course.

How was your publishing experience?
I have published with quite a few publishers and enjoyed
working with all of them. Each book has been a novel
experience. Holding a book with your name on the cover is an
immensely satisfying experience. One that erases all the
hardships one suffers during the course of working on the

What is your advice to the aspiring authors?
Writing is an exhausting business. It takes the wind out of your sails and is often a disheartening effort. Aspiring authors should learn to take rejection in their stride. There are many ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups. One has to learn not to get disheartened and keep working towards one’s goal.
It is important to read a lot before one begins the process of writing. Set aside a part of the day for writing and begin writing. You have to be disciplined and consistent.

How can the readers connect with you?
I am there on the social media for readers to connect with me.

@tanushreepodder on Twitter
poddertanushree on Instagram

This was Tanushree Podder for you. If you want to know more about her, you can follow her on the social media handles. You can buy her latest bookA Closetful of Skeletons from Amazon. You can also check my review of the book for more details. 

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