Intimacy on the plate by Olga Petrenko- Review

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Name          – Intimacy on the plate

 Author                 – Olga Petrenko
 Publisher              – Identity Publications
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

Uniqueness is what I look for in books. While I review a book I always tries to find if there is anything novel in the same. But, never did I expect to see the same  novelty in a cookery book. I would not like to call the book a mere cookery book. It is more of a textbook on health and sexuality. It is said that the shortcut to a man’s heart is through his stomach but here through this book, author changes the line to the shortcut to a man’s sexual desire is through his stomach. This stands true for a woman too, for that matter.

The book is systematically categorised into vegetables, fish, seafood, nuts, fruits, chocolates and beverages. We have a nutritional section wherein the scientific base of the recipes are explained briefly. When I started reading the book I was unaware of the term Aphrodisiac and the fact that there are certain food items that increases libido. All I new was about chocolates and drumsticks. The rest were a surprise for me. Had I known that pumpkin has aphrodisiac properties, I wouldn’t have set aside the dishes which contained the vegetable. 

Author has clearly mentioned that these recipes does not increase infertility but you never know, increased libido might be what you needed to spice up your life and thereby give an extra chance to caress a new life. Hence before gobbling up those pills why don’t we give atry to these recipes because there is nothing to lose if we try them out for these are devoid of side effects. My only complaint about the book is some of the ingredients in the recipe are not readily available in India but if we search the right places you can definitely find many.

This review is in return of a free book from the author

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