Dreambig by Mukesh Jindal and Arunraj

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Name          – Dream Big
 Author                 -Dr. Mukesh Jindal and Arunraj VS
 Publisher              – TV18 Broadcast Ltd
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

A taxi driver who owns a business which he successfully runs and finally manages to buy a luxury car which he buys without loans  but ready cash- a scenario which seems right from a movie but suprisingly it is not fiction but reality. Author Mukesh Jindal observes how his ex-driver takes his advice wisely and makes use of it to see a growth, which, the author himself could not fathom.

There has been a boom in the mutual fund investments in the past decade, which, was at it peak since 2016. In this scenario, the book makes itself relevant to the masses. For those who wonder why the whole hubbub about mutual funds, the book is the answer.

The book is a pointer to our resources and a guideline to our expenses and savings. Author analyses how the change in money value could be made use of and bypassed while investing. Inflation is the greatest threat to the economy and unfortunately, it is inevitable as well. For a person like me, who always used to take the backseat when it comes to discussions regarding investments. Mutual funds, equity funds and debt funds has been alien terms for me. But the book has cited the terms in a simple narrative that enables the laymen to take the right investing decisions.

Unlike the other books on economy, the book uses a vernacular language instead of cramming the brains of the readers with incomprehensible technical terms. This is the USP of the book. I won’t be surprised if I see the book among the management textbooks or that of economy students. The book is clearly for novices. Hence the experts might be flustered if not approached in the right spirit. The book is more apt to the beginners as well as students.

Although the information shared in the book is educative to a great extend, the book somehow paints the whole mutual fund scheme in a bright light that the grey area are conveniently overlooked. Apart from that the conscious or accidental attempt to portray real estate as an inferior option intrigued me. Though real estate has high chances of a doom, so does other investment options, especially since we talk about long term investment. This part, however failed to convince me. The chapters are short and gives just a glimpse of several areas like investment planning for child education. Nonetheless, the mini chapters for the investment planning of defence employees, divorce cases, legacy planning etc and briefly touched. Eventhough a detailed account of these make the book unusually large, a little more indulgence into the same would have made the book complete. 

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