Boy No. 32 by Venita Coelho- Review

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Name          – Boy No. 32
 Author                 – Venita Coelho
 Publisher              – Scholastic
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My Review
Rating : 3.0

If you have a loving family, a dad and a mom, this book is for you. If you think your kids doesn’t understand you, if your kid is stubborn, disobedient and a rebel,let them read the book. Just so that they understand the value of the family they have, that they learn the lives of the underprivileged. Our generation takes their lives for granted. They always want whatever they wish to have but seldom do they think of the group of kids who cannot even dream without permission. Orphans, as they are generally called, have their own life. 

The plot begins when Battees opens his eyes to see nothing but darkness. The readers are made aware of thenfact that he is under a rubble which happened to be his abode before it was blown by a bomb intended at the court beside. Miraculously the kids under the rubble are escaped. Battees is the only eye witness who can recognise the wrongdoers.In fact Batees nearly escaped from gun point. His statement helped to zero in thr investigation to Kashmiri Lal who apparently placed the bomb. Now Batees is an eye witness to an anti social, anti national terrorist and under police protection. Unfortunately the policeman who is in charge of Batees hands him over to Kashmiri Lal from whom he escapes to the hands of the Hijra Queen. Thenceforth the tale becomes a thrilling cliffhanger with several nail-biting sequences. 

The book is a pointer to several social injustices. Be it child labour, child trafficking, begging mafia or discrimination towards the third gender, the portrays everything without any exaggeration. Author  opens our eyes which we conveniently shut. Battees is a representative of scores of abandoned children who are even sold to live a life of misery. Eventhough the sequences were a cliché towards the end, it was a fact that whatever happened was wished by the readers. The boom cannot be counted as a children’s book. It is in fact a thriller where a child is a protagonist. I am sure I will make my kids read this book

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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