The Awakened Millionaire by Joe Vitale- Review

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Name          – Awakened Millionaire
 Author                 – Joe Vitale
 Publisher              – Wiley
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

Spiritual wealth is a term that is unheard of till I laid my hands on Awakened Millionaire. Money is something that rules the world yet it is viewed as the prohibited fruit and those who possess money are considered wrong or being on the evil’s side since money is considered evil. Author, through the examples has proved the point that money is not evil. The tale takes off with the life story of William McKinney who wanted to become a writer and toiled his whole life to accomplish the aim. Author has incorporated a new idea of considering money as neutral. Author elaborates the formula Passion + Purpose = Mission.

J.C. Penny’s biography is a wholesome representative of the whole book. Even though his aim was not profit, even though he wanted to serve, even though he was outvoted, he finally succeeded in making profit and simultaneously serving people through his golden rule stores. The chapter Sole Purpose of money spreads a new message that the sole purpose of money is to express appreciation, which might sound oxymoronic but author has apparently conveyed the message with conviction. 

While the first part of the book is about We, the second part is dedicated to You. Thenceforth the book is a pointer of how you can develop and how it is possible to handle money. The second part seems to end abruptly but the readers are provided with a bonus section of 10 principles of Abundance. This part indeed is a jackpot since I find this part the highlight of the book though though it is termed as the bonus section. We also get to read the conversations with the awakened millionaires and much more in this part.

Overall the book is endearing. Dealing a topic about money and making it entertaining is not an easy job but the author has accomplished the same with utmost brilliance. 

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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