Keeping up with Kaneda by Gaurav Kumar- Review

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Name          – Keeping up with Kaneda
 Author                 – Gaurav Kumar
 Publisher              – Srishti Publications
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My Review
Rating : 3.0

It is the dreams of almost every Indian teenager and youth to go abroad and study. Western countries are a paradise when we look from here but dreaming and living the dream are two different facts. Gaurav kumar through his book Keeping up with Kaneda. Author reaches canada during winter when the cold climate will bite you with the frost. While seeing snow reminds us of a romantic movie scene living with the snow is not what we dream like. Author through the book reveals different layers of prejudice and discrimination. 

Author has laid bare the practice of acquiring clients through hook and crook and outsourcing the job to an Indian firm at lower rates. Why Indian outsourcing firms are sprouting like mushrooms is depicted with finesse. Several instances of crisis management acts as a pointer for many aspiring management students. Author tells us how the people outside toil during the weekdays and enjoy during the weekends.

While the books entertains and educates on one side, it misleads on the other side. All through the book I was left wondering if the sole purpose of a man is to ogle at women. I was literally dumbstruck to see that a girl’s short dress might incite this level of dirty thoughts in men, which in turn was disheartening. The epilogue is the highlight of the book. How the idea of germinated to the present business is highly motivating and inspiring. This left me wondering why author did not chose this exemplary journey for his first book. It had everything. Idea, love, marriage, business, success, failure, again success, which left me wanting more and more.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

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