Harnessing the Windmills of the Mind by Abraham Thomas- Review

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Name          – Harnessing the Windmills of the Mind
 Author                 – Abraham Thomas
 Publisher              – Body &Soul Books (Leadstart)
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

Mind is a complicated thing to define. I have read somewhere that mind is an array of thoughts and has nothing to do with brain. Well, what is mind? Answer can be given psychologically, physically, scientifically and philosophically. Author Abraham Thomas is a renowned blogger, who, through his website Effective Mind Control, brings forth a new idea about Intuitive Algorithm. The name sounded bizarre to me as a layman but it was enough to incite the inquisitiveness in me as a reader. So I picked up his book that would hopefully throw light to the IA and the software developed on the basis of the same.

The book provides a detailed account of how the brain works and which all parts of the brain acts in different emotional response. While science count the brain as a single windmill, author defines the brain as a nexus of windmills that trigger anger, anxiety, disappointment, jealousy, fear etc. The narration style is such a way that even beginners would not find it difficult to follow what is written. This might look like underestimation of their comprehensive capability by some.

Every emotion is discussed in details. The trigger or the route cause of the emotion, the new perspective to view it, a different approach to the problem and a solution. The solution is kept abstract and the concentration is primarily prioritised on the identification. Author has recommended different physical and breathing exercises to overcome the issues mentioned.

It is interesting to see that self awareness is given as and prime solution to major problems and hence the book could be considered as a spirituality lesson apart from the scientific point of view. The ‘Know Thyself’ or self awareness is the core of spirituality. Hence I would like to categorise the book as an applied nexus of philosophy, spirituality and science. More was expected from the book. I was expecting a detailed analysis with illustrations since the term Intuitive Algorithm calls for algorithmic illustration. Moreover the emotions discussed were all negative. Author could have dedicated a few chapters for positive emotion like happiness and the patterns that trigger them. Apart from this the perspective of the person on the receiving end could have been analysed.

Overall the book is an interesting account of viewing life under a different perspective.

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