The width of the world by David Baldacci- Review

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Name         – The Width of the world

Author                  – David Baldacci
Publisher              – Pan Macmillan
Number of Pages – 416
Publishing Year   -2017
Edition                  – Paperback

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

Who doesn’t want to read the famous Vega Jane series, that too coming from the talented best selling author David Baldacci. I was super excited when I got the book.

Vega Jane is pursuing her journey to Quag in search of truth. Her mysterious canine Harry two and her best friend Delph accompanies her in the journey along with Petra- her new comrade. 

Cast in a magical scenario with excitement & suspense, author has managed to hook the readers to the books by inciting the inquisitive nature. Expectations are sky high while reading a hit creation by an author who has never failed in delivering best sellers. 

Grab the prequels before reading the book, otherwise you would not be able to comprehend the story. There is a lot of excitement. Vega’s encounter with the enslaved people with programmed mind is the turning point and USP of the book. Eventhough the book comes under the genre of YA Fantasy or children’s book, the language and narration will excite the adult readers too.

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  
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