Learning how to fly by A.P.J Abdul Kalam- Review

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Should I review the book? There are certain classics that I have opined of attaining a position such that they don’t need a review. They are self-fulfilled. Dr.A.P.J. Kalam is a personality that has influenced billions of Indians and foreigners alike. He possess a thought process that is futuristic, and pragmatic.
Learning How to Fly

Learning how to fly by A.P.J Abdul Kalam- Review

‘Learning How to Fly- Life lessons for the youth’ is a compilation of talks delivered by the great man himself on various occasions. He asks the youth to be creative and innovative. His knowledge equation -Knowledge=Creativity +Righteousness +Courage- is a cosmopolitan observation. I find it puerile reviewing the Pointe he put forth and citing the merits and demerits (which don’t exist)
The author tells how to attain excellence.

While we think of books written by APJ Abdul Kalam wings of fire comes to our mind. But trust me, Learning how to Fly is one book that we should add to our list of favorites because it prepares the youth to prepare for any contingencies in life.

The one of its kind book

 He has always believed that reading is the key to success. In this book as well, he has reinforced the importance of books and has recommended a few. His experiences in ISRO are something that provides an adrenaline pump to the youth, not for defense or attack, but to attain excellence.

If the book doesn’t influence a person, then there must be nothing that can change him. That is the level of novelty in the ideas shared. Dr. Kalam has shared his experiences to bolster the cognitive thoughts put forth by him.

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