A Fine Year For murder by Lauren Carr

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Name         – A Fine Year For Murder

Author                  – Lauren Carr
Publisher              – Acorn Book Services
Listening length – 10 hours 17 minutes
Publishing Year   – 2017
Edition                  – Audiobook
                    – Free with audible trial

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Rating : 3.0

My Review

Jessica and Murphy’s  marital life is never normal due to Jessica’s nightmares. The thought that she can even murder Murphy in her subconscious state of nightmares shatters Jessica. A chance encounter with investigative journalist Dallas brings light to the mystery behind Jessica’s nightmares.

The fact that Jessica might have witnessed the murder of a family in her childhood takes the plot to a different route. Together they sets out to unearth the truth. Thenceforth readers venture through a thrilling cliffhanger.

Narrator has done a good job, with the right expressions and voice modulation. Listening to an audio book is never an easy job as it seems, especially while the book is a mystery thriller. A lot of characters come and go, which made it difficult for me to remember their names, unlike the e-books or paperback copies. Nevertheless, the plot is engaging enough to hook the readers. Author has succeeded in maintaining the suspense element.

If you are someone who judges a book by its cover, you will be taken by surprise because the book cover gives the impression of an amateurish work whereas the plot speaks highly of the author’s talent

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