Managing the memories with Symphony

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For writing a book or product review, I maintain a strict format. But this the first unique form of review posted in my blog. These days starting from Naming ceremony and baptism to international events, we depend on event management firms. Sometimes we will be in the sea thinking where I am, after seeing the overdo of decorations and other paraphernalia. Sometime we will be awestruck to see the exemplary arrangements done. 

Elegance doesn’t always need overdo of anything. It lies in pulling off an event with simplicity. Going with the symphony.  

Their range of events vary from Birthday parties, wedding, to corporate events & star shows. 

They have arranged four record holding events;
Largest and Fastest Pookalam on the Occasion of the 99th Celebration of Whirl Pool of India Ltd, 

Santha Sangamam on the Occasion of Xmas, Newyear and 
Maveli Sangamam

Versatility is the USP of the firm. They are not reserved to any particular genre or industry.A lot of systematic and unique events have been conducted till date and I have been lucky to be a part a few of them. The events are rich an Innovation and professionalism. You can check more about their work here. Website and  Facebook page
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