Doppelganger by Prateek Yadav-Review

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Name         – Doppelgänger 

Author                  – Prateek Yadav
Publisher              – Aksamala
Number of Pages – 170
Publishing Year   – 2015
Edition                  – Paperback 

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

A man wakes up from his slumber inside a bus to know that he has no memories of his past, not even his name. He tries to get a clue but in vain. Another scenario is of a man whose family is mutilated in front of him.
He joins a gang to execute a robbery operation. He joins a con man and his gang who is out to pull of the robbery taking the advantage of the resemblance between the con man and his brother who is a police officer. The story further unveils a maze of events coiled one inside the other.

A thrilling exciting tale with requisite suspense and cliffhangers. The narration is simple by the standards of the thrilling story. Not much effort has been given in the character craft of supporting characters whereas the protagonist is worked out well. The cover image is The highlight of the book. The dwindling sanity of the man and the maze of his ambiguous past is pulled off in the cover image. 

The page setting and the print quality needs a special mention here. As with many self published books, the appearance of the book is deceptive in a wrong way. The quality of the cover page and the paper size are not appealing.The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is literally meaningful for the book.  

There were a cascade of nail biting scenes. Sometimes too much to confuse the readers though. Nevertheless how the pieces are joined together is interesting. A thorough rework will take the book to another level.

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