Neon Noon by Tanuj Solanki-Review

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Name         – Neon Noon

Author                  – Tanuj Solanki
Publisher              – HarperCollins
Number of Pages – 224
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                  – Hardback 
                    – 499

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Rating : 4.5

My Review

A poetic novel that spreads the intellectual wave of romantic experience of the protagonist. The protagonist T’s long and short relations bring forward a new reading experience. Almost coital relation with the first woman who finds put the importance of Anne Marie, his literary, intellectual and romantic  relation with Anne Marie,  his foray through the brothels of Pattaya, unexpected encounter with Noon,

This book is a quintessential example of what is called uniqueness. The poetic narration hooks the reader to the book. It moves the reader emotionally and psychologically. Solanki’s expertise in literature is speaking loudly throughout the book. He introduces the readers to a lot of classics. What surprised me the most was the fact that author pulled off the romance between a writer and a prostitute without a tinge of erotica. The part of Orphan is metaphoric and ambiguous.

Much effort has not been invested in character craft especially the protagonist. Nevertheless this cannot be counted as a drawback since on completing the book, we realize that story is the protagonist. 
My verdict: The story manipulates the intellect of the readers magically

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

About the author

Tanuj Solanki lives in Mumbai. His short fiction has appeared in the Caravan, DNA, Hindu Business Line, Out of Print and numerous other publications. He’s a Pushcart nominee and a two-time runner-up in the DNA-Out of Print short fiction contest. He is also the founder of the Bombay Literary Magazine. His second book, a collection of short stories, is due in 2017.

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