A walk in the rain by Uday Yadla- Review

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Name         – A walk in the rain

Author                  – Uday Yadla
Publisher              – Kyron Publication 
Number of Pages -240 
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback 

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Rating : 3.0

My Review

A walk in a rain can be described in one sentence as a simple cute story. There are a lot of sub plots along with the main plot. The book is like a collection of short stories of Sunny,Sandy,Saloni,Pooja and Imran, which gets interconnected in the end to a nailbiting murder mystery. The one liner of the story is interesting. Author has adopted a simple narration, comprehensible to even the first time readers, which suits this YA romance.

Over all the narration is simple. The characters are developed well, so are the back stories of the characters.  Nevertheless, in most of the areas, professionalism was missing. For a YA romance, hard-core professionalism cannot be expected, nevertheless, a little more hard work ought to be invested to make the book worth the price. 

The relation of Sunny with Sandy, Imran and Saloni dvelves in different layers of psyche. Love, friendship, enmity,vendetta- Sunny’s character is an emotionally multilayered creation.

The book cover is in sink with the narration and overall storyline, so is the title. An aggression felt for the downtrodden mass of people was evident in the narration but  thorough homework was required. Lack of editing was evident in the book.

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