The Patient Patient by Tushar Rishi – Review

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Name         –  The Patient Patient

Author                  – Tushar Rishi
Publisher              –   Westland 
Number of Pages – 228
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  – Paperback 
                    –  250

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Rating : 4.0

My Review

Sixteen year old Sameer’s happy and content life goes topsy turvy when he is diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. With a famiky history of cancer, Sameer decides to face the demons. When given the responsibility to be decisive of his hospital choice, Sameer decides to go for AIIMS. Despite being in a better financial condition, what forced Sameer to go for a government hospital is the credibility and sincerity of the doctors. Meanwhile love knocks his door through Aditi, his childhood friend. Slowly but with tremendous will power and wiith the support of his family, and friends whom he made before and after his chemo and surgery, Sameer recuperates.

Sameer’s experiences at AIIMS is depicted in detail, and without prejudice. Author reinforces that however delayed the process be, AIIMS doctors are the best and never make mistakes. Another factor which he tries to throw light is the difficulty in getting dates for surgery and the price that many patients had to pay because of this. Those with connections can have an earlier date. The question arises why doctors hold no role in deciding the date of surgery. In a scenario when delaying the surgery can be detrimental, author subtly brings forth the necessity to facilitate a better service.

It’s incredible to see that Sameer,who was quite upset about the ugly scars on his leg, finds himself lucky when he sees kids of his age with amputed limbs. Sameer finds consolation by sharing his feelings through his poems in his blog. The poems are in fact beautiful.

The story also shows another part of Sameer’s life. His parents. How parents with expectations affect their kids life? How kids perceive freedom and apathy? Lot of nuances of relationships could be seen. The book is a tale of optimism, will power, and fighting spirit and moreover patience. A lot of kids out there who are diagnosed with cancer would relate with Sameer. The boom will surely inspire them. I appreciate the effort taken by the author to show the world his journey through Chemo sessions and Surgery.

My verdict:- A true sincere autobiographical  

This review is in return of a free book from the publisher  

About the author

Tushar Rishi was born in Patna and brought up in Ranchi. He is currently studying at Delhi Public School, Ranchi. Tushar was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014 and The Patient Patient—his first novel—is based on his own experiences at AIIMS Delhi, where he spent a year fighting the disease. 

Apart from reading and writing, he likes watching movies and TV series.

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