Tornado Giveaway 3-Miss adventures by Surajit Frank Agarwal

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Name of the book: Miss Adventures
Author: Surajit Frank Agarwal

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The Story:

Four friends decide to overthrow the shackles of their mundane middle class existence by planning an adventure of a lifetime. They travel to four cities, across four countries to gift themselves the ultimate 40th birthday bash. One that would fulfill their fantasies. But does their grand plan end up in one big misadventure?

On the surface they have everything. Jobs, family, great homes, great cars. But in reality: 
Their jobs suck. 
Their marriages are a sham. 
EMIs rule their lives. 
Their “fun” comes mixed in soda and ice. 
Raman, Ravi, Bijoy and Sagar decide to step out of their ordinary, boring middle class lives to gift themselves a fantastical 40th birthday party. They travel to four cities across four countries to indulge their deepest desires. 
However, they find themselves stymied at every step. Raman finds cops dogging his footsteps. Ravi finds innovative ways of losing money. Bijoy’s ego and manhood take a hit at every turn. Sagar finds himself in situations he would rather not be. 
The friends believe lady luck is being unkind to them. Is it luck that is tripping them up or is it just a lady? 
Miss Adventures is a sexy laugh riot of four bumbling friends and their one attempt at living life large. Will they make it? 
If you love to laugh, you’ll love this book. 
If you love drama, you’ll love this book. 
If you love sex, you’ll love this book. 
If you love to read, you’ll love this book! 

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About The Author 

Reporter, Writer, Editor, Publisher, confused IT consultant and Author. A quarter century after earning his first paycheck Surajit Frank Agarwal is back to do doing the one thing he loves the most…writing.

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