The American Indian dream by Pranay Sahu

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Name         – The American Indian Dream

Author                  – Pranay Sahu
Publisher              – Half Baked Beans 
Number of Pages – 210
Publishing Year   -2016
Edition                  -Paperback 

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Rating : 3.5

My Review

Youth these days have a penchant for Western culture and Western lifestyle. Like the saying Grass is greener on the other side, they focus their life towards an aim to reach the western world and settle there. Pranay Sahu, through the book The American Indian dream depicts the life of Roshan, a youngster who dreamt of a life in America. Being appointed in Lehman Brothers,US, becomes a matter of pride for him. Never did he think that recession would claim his position as a high earning bachelor to a jobless man. After losing his job. Roshan returns to India with a hope that economic conditions would revive and he will be back in US. Roshan, along with his friends Iraq nd Jagat, is dragged to the Youth meet of Sri Sri Sarvapriyan by his parents expecting that his overall outlook about life would change. Nevertheless, Guruji’s efforts have no effect on Roshan. His predilection towards tha life in US prevails. The youth meet introduces him to his lady love Ariella aka Laxmi. Amother important person who comes to his life is Hirenbhai, an entrepreneur. On knowing about his failed IPO business Roshan proposes Jagat to revive his business. After a brief time, Roshan again returns to US, only to come back due to lack of opportunity. Roshan joins Jagat and slowly revives Hirenbhai’s business as partners along with Ira. With flourishing business Roshan gets fame, publicity, controversies and in turn a lot of enemies.
On the day of publicizing his business, Roshan gets shot only to wake up in Guruji’s abode. The story starts here and the rest is a flashback story which Roshan reminisces after getting shot.
Who is behind the attack? What happens to Ariella? What happens to his business? The answer to the following questions are given in the book.

The storyline is good and interesting. The characters are well crafted. The narration is fluctuating and the pace of the story drops occasionally. There are a lot of interesting one liners like “My dreams are American but made in India.” The story showcases the general outlook of youth towards life.

Relation between Roshan and Ariella is not developed. Ariella’s character was not up to the mark. The interactions between the friends also did not convey the warmth in their relation. Climax could not be guessed but mostly due to the immature twist. The name Sri Sarvapriyan and the breathing techniques resembles a celebrity Guru of current times. Hence some of the twists involving the character could have been avoided or the resemblance to the great man could have avoided. The spiritual journey was not so spiritual as claimed in the blurb.
My verdict: The book has uniqueness but lacks the x-factor.

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