Review of The girl who loved a pirate by Kulpreet Yadav

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Name         – The girl who loved a pirate

Author                  – Kulpreet Yadav
Publisher              – Rumour Books
Number of Pages – 256
Publishing Year   -2015
Edition                  -Paperback
                    – 259
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Rating : 4.0

The Pirate of the World
is locked up in a high security Malaysian jail. He is desperate to unite with
Dao-Ming, his girlfriend. Andy Karan, an undercover spy belonging to India’s
top-secret The List, is on a mission to snuff-out his colleague’s murderer in
Goa. He has a plan for the pirate. A plan that will will two birds with one
stone. The playground is the high seas off the Indian coast. An the rave
parties in Goa, where a new drug called ‘magic’ is altering the inter-gang
dynamics. But can Andy trust the pirate ? Or his own instincts in an unfamiliar
terrain? PRAISE FOR KULPREET YADAV “Well researched, gripping”
“The fast-paced narrative and suspense-filled plot are components that
make the book read like a movie script.”– The Times of India “A
smashing read…”– Vish Dhamija, bestselling author of Bhendi Bazaar and
Deja Karma About Kulpreet Yadav Kulpreet Yadav is a novelist and the
Founder-Editor of Open Road Review, an international literary magazine. A
product of the Naval Officer’s Academy, he quit the job of a mariner as a
Commandant with the Indian Coast Guard to pursue his passion of writing.
Shortlisted in numerous contests, Kulpreet’s writings have appeared in over 30
publications in India and abroad. He lives in New Delhi.

My Review

Mysterious title, mysterious cover image and a different plot. There are a lot pf different plots coming together in a single story. From the title I was expecting yet another boy meets girl love story. But once involved in the plot, the thrilling cliffhanger caught my interest. The various plots are interwoven seamlessly. Character craft is good.
The narration is exemplary. 
Murder, drug mafia, media, romance and what not. A multiplicity of genres. Author proves that it is not necessary to write passages on love to pull off a love story. Love is not to be shown but felt. Author portrays the love through silence. A different read.
Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a
complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write
a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Kulpreet Yadav is a Novelist and the Founder – Editor of Open Road
Review, an International Literary Magazine. A Product of the Naval Officer’s
Academy, He Quit the Job of a Mariner as a Commandant with the Indian Coast
Guard to Pursue His Passion of Writing. Shortlisted in Numerous Contests,
Kulpreet’s Writings have Appeared in Over 30 Publications in India and Abroad.
He Lives in New Delhi.

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