Another Nirbhaya; How many more will be there?

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The pain inflicted by Jyothi Singh’s predicament is still subsisting in the hearts of every Indian with even an ounce of humanity. After mulling over the reasons and reasoning, we concluded that girls should not go out of the safety of their houses at night. They should remain at home after the safety of sunlight leaves them. Girls should not have boy friends or friends who are boys for that matter. Nor should they go out with them. Oh yes, they should not fight back when they are being raped? Isn’t that the valuable cosmic law taught by the Great Rapist? Had she co-operated, we wouldn’t have been cruel? Huh!!!

Well abiding by these rules, did anything change. A girl was brutally murdered and raped in daylight in her own house. So what rules applies here? What was her mistake? How could she handle a man or a living being who raped her corpse. Not even animals do such a heinous and repugnant act. So what cultural lesson should we give our kids?

I always opined that we should teach our boys to respect women. We should train them from childhood. But, what happened in Attingal proved that all these are pure B**l S*iT. My so called behavioural knowledge was shattered by this incident. Nino Mathew was the Son of a highly self righteous father, who kept on advising him to stay away from sin, a father who stood by the wronged without even a second thought. His paramour was also not different. I would not prefer calling her name. These sort of women should be called by the name Attingal woman, Twin murder woman. Not the victims.

It has been a regular practice to go after the immigrant workers while investigating a crime. Perumbavoor being a hub of immigrants, it is quite natural to point the suspicious fingers towards them. We are forgetting two factors-
1. If the immigrant workers are the reason for all the crimes, how  can we stop them. Both men and women from North-eastern part of India have been exploited and stamped as delinquent, irrespective of their education or pedigree. Tagged by the pet name ‘Harries‘ they are not given solace in even the most coveted educational institution. So it is that, the conditions of unskilled laborers are far from human, and hence the inhuman acts from them. They smuggle weeds and similar intoxicants without any constraints, usage of which make them incorrigible. Are we doing anything to improve their living conditions? Oh he is Bihari. He can work in any condition. They are all of a different make. They are subjected to live like animals that they don’t find any difference between human and animals. The so called labour unions and associations do nothing for their betterment.

2. Keeping the shadow of the incorrigible immigrant workers, innumerable crimes are being done. Poor living condition or financial instability is not the reason why Attingal Twin Murder happened. It was pure lust and quasi-respect from the society.

So what is the solution for all this? No action has been taken regarding the analysis of the real reason behind every crime.

The saddest part is to witness the political jugglery related to such incidents. Why this shoddy show? To gain votes! Sorry we are way beyond this. So please stop blaming each other and use your so called investigative commissions to study the deteriorating human values. Citizens would happily shower their tax money to implement the measures to assure safety for their daughters and sons! Yes, our sons are also in danger. If someone can fornicate a corpse or even an animal, will he find a difference between man and woman, boy and a girls and worse of all infant and grown up?

So, please stop blaming each other and conducting useless talk shows, start acting.
PS:: Can we implement castration?

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