Review- Dreamvision by S.L. Bynum

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Book Name        –  DreamVision
Author               –  S.L.Bynum
Publisher           –  Self-Published  
No.of Pages        – 281   
Publishing Year- 2015   
Edition               –   Kindle

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Rating : 3.5


Dreams do come true, but in Abigail’s case, she wishes that were anything BUT true.

Eight years ago, when people still used landline phones and desktop computers, sixteen-year-old Abigail had everything a happy teenager could ask for—a loving family, two best friends, and a sexy prom date. But all of this blows apart when her dreams, which involve terrible accidents, start to actually occur in her hometown. Soon Abigail’s life consists of putting together vague clues from her dreams to save the lives of those she cares about, but she isn’t always successful. As she sinks into isolation, paranoia, and heartache, she resolves to stop the nightmares altogether, relying on someone who is not what they appear to be.

DREAMVISION is filled with horror and suspense at every turn, and is told in the form of a blog from Abigail’s perspective during the year 2007. 

My review

Dreamvision is the story of Abgail, a sixteen year old girl whose heaven like life becomes a chaos due to her dreams. Initially her dreams are vague, incomprehensible and affecting people whom she doesn’t know. But through time, the dreams become personal, affecting her family and friends. Her life with her family, friends and her lover, changes unexpectedly. 

The story is the first person narrative of Abigail. I would say that narration is the highlight of the book. The plight of Abigail is the most important facet of the story, hence the story could be well conveyed in her words. To convey a teenagers plight, it is important that the narrative style should not be disproportionately formal and serious. 

Characters are all crafted well. Abigail’s relation with her family, friends and her boy friend is rendered palpably. Of which, I would like to specially mention her relation with her brother Brendon. Authoress could connect with the readers well. She succeeded in maintaining the suspense, leaving the readers thinking what would be the meaning of this dreamvision! The book reminded me of Final Destination movie but the story possessed freshness, uniqueness and novelty.

In spite of all the positives like story, excellent narration, moderate expression etc, the book disappointed me to some extend. The climax of the book disappointed me completely. It was like a steep graph the fell precipitously. After say about the sixth dreamvision, I was like when it will end but still I wanted to know what happens next. But last two chapters were disappointing.


  • Strong storyline
  • Suspense
  • Fast Pace
  • Narration


  • Feeble Climax

One Liner

Exemplary book with a feeble climax

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

S. L. Bynum knew she had a creative imagination as a kid, when she would make her beanie babies go on the craziest adventures. She fell in love with writing at the age of twelve, when she wrote a rendition of The Three Little Pigs for her little brother’s homework assignment. S. L. Bynum is twenty-six now and besides books, she loves desserts, fashion, dancing (when she’s alone), warm weather, and playing video games. She lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her family.

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