Review of The third day-Dwapara yuga by Harshita Vallem

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Book Name              :    The third day-Dwapara Yuga

Author                      :     Harshita Vallem
Publisher                 :     Frog books
Number of Pages   :     250
Publishing Year     :     2015
Edition                      :     Paperback
Rating : 3.0


A day in Brahma’s life has 14 Manvantaras + 15 Sandhyas, which is equal to 4.32 billion years. Each Manvantara has 71 Divya-Yugas, which is equal to 306.72 million years. Again each Divya-Yuga is divided into four Yugas, Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali. Brahma created eleven Prajapathis and seven Saptarishis, who are called the Manas Putras to serve in creating the Universe. However, he made an irrevocable mistake on the first day of his life that cost him his honour, as one of the supreme Lords of the Trimurti, and led to the fight between evil and good and the loss of billions of lives. The very existence of humankind was questioned. In the Dwapara Yuga – Brahma fought to regain his honour – and Elsker, the Universe – to save his love Sarayu, the earth. In the first millionth year, of the Dwapara Yuga – the Tala Pata Grandas – the prestigious holy scripts, written on holy leaves – were opened, unveiling the unpleasant things to come. A terrifying war broke out between the cannibals and humankind. However, the unison of Elsker and Sarayu ended the war abruptly, during the first millionth year. Nevertheless, the evil had not yet ceased and Elsker left to build his army to combat the evil that was unleashed! The second millionth year began. To unearth the ‘City of Lost Souls’ and fight evil – the Universal Mind and Elsker began their quest for Nirbhaya and the Manas Putras. The Manas Putras were re-incarnated in the third yuga of the third day of Lord Brahma’s life. Elsker was not alone in this quest, the King of Narmada’;s soul; Daksha guided Elsker. Expect the unexpected…

My Review

I started off the book with an intention to read a mythological fiction. The blurb too gives the feel of a mythological fiction but when I entered the world of imaginations set by authoress, I realized that it is a YA Fantasy of which I am not much of an expert to review. I admit my mistake of not investigating much about the genre of the book. The names Elsker, Sarayu, Nirbhaya, Parama, Daksha etc were picked up randomly. The mythological connection seems to occur when the names of Prajapthis and Saptharshis are revealed. 


The writing style is simple and suits a YA fantasy. Parama’s character is crafted very well. The imagery of the book is good. Authoress has prepared a mouthwatering feast for the fantasy lovers. For a debutante, she had done a good job. The cogent cover adds to the appeal of the book. 

The love between Sarayu and Elsker was not conveyed well. Authoress has shown excellence in designing the blurb and acknowledgement, but failed to pull off the same in the book. In spite of being exceptionally good in terms of literary value,the blurb is misleading

One Liner

A YA fantasy with a mythological twist.

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About the author

In one line I would say – A gutsy personality who doesn’t think about the existence of negative consequences when a seed of thought gets implanted within me

Reviewed for the publisher

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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