Review of The Pillar Invisible by Hari Parameshwar

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Book Name                 :               The Pillar Invisible
Author                         :                Hari Parameshwar
Publisher                    :                Rumour Books
Genre                          :                Fiction/Mystery
Number of Pages      :                223
Publishing Date         :                29th October 2015
Binding                       :                Paperback
ISBN                            :                9781943730858

Rating : 4.0


Mumbai: Satya, 36, IIM topper, hailed by the media as the fresh face of space-age business, quits two days after his elevation as the Group CEO of a major Indian business group.
Hyderabad: Raja, 51, not even a matriculate, once a trade unionist, later, a well-known political pimp who built up his vast business domain from nothing, suddenly renounces everything and turns to spirituality.
Cochin: Tom, 31, the only child of a multimillionaire, who became the sole owner of a multi-faceted business empire following the sudden demise of his father, attempts suicide.
Three individuals who have never met or known to each other.
A year later they surface, molded together as single-heart, with their newfound entity, Tasāra, branded with the logo of a pyramid supported by three visible pillars and a fourth pillar, invisible — representing someone who is potent, influential and brilliant, but prefers to remain elusive. Who is it?
That enigma has been haunting the media for seven long years. Until…now.

 My Review

The book dvelves the depth of corporate world through a coherent and consistent storyline. The life sketches of Satya, Tom and Raja are intricately coalesced, maintaining the suspense and evoking intrigue in every pages. The anagram of TaSaRa from their names, corresponding to the Satya, Tamo and Rajo gunas is brilliant. Their characters are molded in sink with the guna they represented. I have come across a lot of books discussing philosophy and spirituality in different contexts like science, mythology etc but the perusal of the same in the context of corporate management is the first in my reading experience and hence the topic is refreshing and exciting. Even if the story is about three males and their guiding individuals, who are also males, female characters are given prior importance and their role in the story is at par with the male counterparts. The language is easily comprehensive and maintains the bar at the same time.During the revelation of the fourth pillar, the pace of the story drops a little. Author succeeded in maintaining the curiosity but towards the end the zest was missing.                                                      

One Liner
A perfect entertainer for those who have an appetite for enigmatic spine chillers

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 About the Author

Dr Hari Parameshwar, the author of: “The Pillar Invisible”, “Many Paths Many Answers” and “Chase of Choices” is a seasoned and versatile management specialist.

“Chase of Choices” has been acclaimed by many, besides receiving interesting reviews on media and from eminent reviewers. The New Indian Express pronounced it as “an emotional whirlwind on the complexities of life.”

His first book, Many Paths Many Answers, was published in 2013 and that, too, has received excellent reviews from the readers and media. The Indian Express review called it an “unputdownable” book: “that fresh breeze of new-age spirituality that draws its inspiration from the waters of the source at its roots and takes them to its vibrant flowers blossoming out into the full view of a workaday world.”

Hari has had an eventful career, studded with brilliance in many spheres of corporate management, development of urban infrastructure, and aviation. Hari, a well-known life coach, yoga expert, corporate spiritualist, and advocate of New Age philosophy, is also a renowned environmentalist and a sustainability expert.


Reviewed for the publisher
 Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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